The restaurant

"WaffleStory" is all about the legendary French waffles and pancakes as they should actually be. The restaurant design is simple, original and thought through even in the most obscure details. Quality materials, modern finishes and professional equipment were used in order to ensure pleasure to the visitors. The result is an interior with an elegant sobriety enhancing the French way of comfort.


At the heart of the menu - waffles. You can choose among other things, between Burgundy snails with buckwheat waffles and beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes waffles. For dessert we recommend the chocolate waffle with whipped cream. There are other French dishes, including a crisp fennel salad and the Lyon-style onion soup.

Patrice Tereygeol

Born and raised in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Patrice chose cooking over painting for the great benefit of his clients. He studied at Clermont-Ferrand Cooking School and started his career with 5-stars French restaurants such as Chateau de Marcay, Auberge de Condé, Restaurant Troisgros. He moved to Moscow in 1992 for Potel & Chabot and after that, worked to launch many trendy restaurants such as Anchor, Club T, Biscuit, … He also opened various projects (Fauchon, Kumir) and the Karma Bar. After, he ventured off to open the chain of Crêperie de Paris. Perfectionist and passionate, Patrice brought his expertise and unique style to create an innovative concept combining tradition and modernity which is WaffleStory.